Complete Omnisphere Library Database

A simple goal - to have a complete reference for currently available 3rd party patch collections for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.  Some of these collections will work for Omnisphere 1.   Please comment in the Facebook box at the end of the page with other libraries not on this list.  Collections under 10 patches or ones that don't have unique product pages will not be listed.  Current collection = 269 (as of Oct 30, 2020).  Newest addition-  Sonic Underworld - Luftrum : Omnisphere Pandorum


Please do not pirate these collections or software - these sound designers rely on paying customers to survive and make more collections.  Buy the tools you use!


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Sonic Underworld - Omnisphere Pandorum.j

Omnisphere Pandorum

Sonic Underworld - Luftrum

Pandorum is a set for the modern composer, containing dark dystopian sci-fi sounds with an industrial menacing and distorted vibe along with lush atmospheric moody pads, dramatic textures, transitions and soundscapes. These sounds are best suited to be used on television and film, in drama and sci-fi and is the perfect fellow traveller to any sci-fi game release.

Triple Spiral Audio - Singularity.jpg


Triple Spiral Audio

Singularity contains a large variety of electronic, ambient and also some experimental sounds. Growling basses, a large variety of ARP’s, twisted synths and experimental noisescapes, shimmering pads and textures. Inspired by Jon Hopkins, there is also collection of choir sounds, varying from experimental choirs till transforming sounds where a guitar, synth or piano transforms into a choir (via modwheel).
The soundset found its inspiration in the works of Jon Hopkins, Helios, Nils Frahm, Plaid and Telefon Tel Aviv

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