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Image by James Sutton
Vinyl Pads for MainStage 3 cover artwork




Inspired by the sonic work of Tycho – and old 80’s crime dramas – Vinyl Pads by producer Jason Schoepfer of Rocky Mountain Sounds brings new lo-fi but beautiful and character-filled pads to MainStage and Logic users.

Sourced from custom-samples that were created for it’s Omnisphere brother – Vinyl Pads infuses a vintage vibe to your performance or production. Samples were specially reprocessed using mastering tools from Zynaptiq, iZotope and Boom Library – maximizing the presence and depth as well as allowing for no additional channel strip effects. These are raw, inspiring and interesting pads that will be refreshing and complement modern sounds. Try layering these pads with more bright pads to experience new levels of awesome soundscapes!


Vinyl Pads takes you on a journey to the past – a time where tape decks and record players ruled the musical listening experience. Each sound features lo-fi treatment adding warmth and body – with many adding the pop and crackle of vintage vinyl records. Modwheel opens up the filter for each and every pad – perfect for live worship playing. Enjoy this unique collection from Rocky Mountain Sounds – your source for new and innovative sonic ideas!

Exclusive Rocky Mountain Sounds release available from That Worship Sound.

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