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  • DUDE- you just emailed me a bunch of times!!!
    With membership comes one advantage at RMS - you get notified on all new additions to the World of Omnisphere. Normally, this is fine as there are not that many new submissions that come around often. There are times when there could be a new label to joins RMS where they have multiple "new to RMS" submissions that you will receive emails on. You can either just enjoy each new email and explore each collection - or you can sign in to your account at RMS and turn off notifications. Here is how Visit and click on the Log In section on the top right Once logged in, click on "PROFILE" On the left hand menu, select the last option "Settings" This page will provide you with multiple ways to turn off (or on) email notifications. Once you are done updating your selections you are ready to receive (or not receive) those specific emails.
  • I don't see a download link in my user area? What the heck????
    Don't worry! You are safe and the world is as it should be (sort of). Simply message here and request your links again. There is an expiry date on original purchased download links so our collections stay safe from those pirates! ARRRRR! (reminder- only purchase RMS collections from Rocky Mountain Sounds, That Worship Sound, PlugInGuru or Triple Spiral Audio - if you see them for sale anywhere else- they have been stolen and someone is trying to profit off of them).
  • Why buy Rocky Mountain Sounds Omnisphere 2 expansions?
    Custom samples are a key focus at Rocky Mountain Sounds. Each Omnisphere 2 collection brings a chance for us to include our own custom sound creations. These range from taking hardware synths and sampling them with creative FX – resulting in new synth tones we can base our expansions around. Field recording is a huge passion and there is something magical when nature and found sounds can be brought into Omnisphere 2 to give us a new palette to design patches around. These valuable additions are what sets RMS Omnisphere 2 expansions out from the crowd of factory-based presets. Check out the list of Omnisphere 2 expansions that have new custom-designed samples taking Omnisphere into different sonic adventures (as of May 31, 2022). Afterglow for Omnisphere 2 – 26 new samples Arcturus for Omnisphere 2 – 72 new samples Dystopian Rains for Omnisphere 2 – 72 new samples Etherium for Omnisphere 2 – 30 new samples Freshwater for Omnisphere 2 – 102 new samples Majestica Vol 1 for Omnisphere 2 – 30 new samples Majestica Vol 2 for Omnisphere 2 – 40 new samples Northern Impakt V1 for Omnisphere 2 – 349 new samples Northern Lights for Omnisphere 2 – 8 new samples Polar Ice X for Omnisphere 2 – 129 new samples RedMod Moog Tribute for Omnisphere 2 – 10 new samples (with more coming in a future update) Sound FX Vol 1 for Omnisphere 2 – 66 new samples Vinyl for Omnisphere 2 – 44 new samples Wanderer Azurite for Omnisphere 2 – 5 new samples Wilderness Arrival for Omnisphere 2 – 18 new samples
  • Can I use more then one discount coupon?
    During the year, RMS will issue out special discount coupons for special sales events. These can be used to reduce the price of your order. Only once coupon code can be used per order. Coupon codes cannot be stacked onto eachother or combined with RMS Rewards coupon codes. Coupon codes CAN be used with sale priced products (so take advantage of those to save more!)
  • I purchased a RMS collection from Triple Spiral Audio, That Worship Sound or PlugInGuru, how can I get updates?
    Simply send a message right here to request a coupon so you can add your existing purchase to the RMS members area. Please include order number, date and collection(s). Due to some upgrades, there may be a small charge to upgrade (ex. Polar Ice X).
  • If I already purchased an RMS collection, why do I need a coupon to get an update?
    Rocky Mountain Sounds uses Wix as the website provider. As awesome as Wix is for providing for a slew of usable tools and features that surpass other platforms - they do lack in digital product features. When you originally purchase a product- the exact file is placed in a database that Wix keeps forever. If a new set of links are resent- you will receive the exact version your purchased - regardless if there have been updates. To fix this shortcoming, I provide free update coupons based on the original sales order number. You will be provided a new coupon code (upon request so please watch socials or the website for any update notifications), which you use to re-purchase the collection again (at zero cost). This will give you the latest version of the collection. Hopefully one day Wix will enhance their digital product support so this extra step doesn't need to happen.
  • Spectrasonics Knowledgebase
    Spectrasonics has an exhaustive knowledgebase to support their customers. Here are some direct links to help you get started with Omnisphere 2. New Customers - Start Here How to Install Omnisphere 2 Installation Frequently Asked Questions Common issues and how to fix them How to keep Omnisphere 2 up to date Licensing, what you can and can't do, and selling your license
  • How to remove 3rd party collections from Omnisphere 2
    Here is a short but concise tutorial on how to remove any 3rd party patch collection from Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.
  • How do I install a .omnisphere file?
    Open up an instance of Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. Simply drag and drop the .omnipshere file ontop of the Omnisphere 2 window and it will self install. The longer process is as follows: To install a .omnisphere file into Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, you will need to follow these steps: Open Omnisphere 2 in your DAW (digital audio workstation). Go to the "Utility" menu and select "Install .omnisphere" from the drop-down menu. Locate the .omnisphere file on your computer and select it. Click the "Open" button to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. Once the installation is complete, the .omnisphere file will be available for use in Omnisphere 2. You can access it by going to the "Browser" menu and selecting the "User" category. It is important to note that you must have Omnisphere 2 installed on your computer in order to use .omnisphere files with it. If you do not have Omnisphere 2 installed, you will need to purchase it and install it before you can use .omnisphere files. Here is a quick video from Adrian on installing a .omnisphere file into Omnisphere 2.
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Reference Guide
    One of the best ways to learn Omnisphere and overcome issues is to read the manual (I personally do this once a year). As you grow in your expertise using Spectrasonics products, reading through the manual will bring up new features you didn't realize existed. Here is the direct link to the Omnisphere 2 reference guide Omnisphere 2 Reference Guide
  • How do I install a .guru file?
    This is as simple as installing a .omnisphere file. First off, make sure you have dragged and dropped the .omnisphere file onto an open instance of Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. This will install the master collection and associated custom samples. Second, open up an instance of PlugInGuru's Unify. Then, drag and drop the .guru file on top of Unify. You will see a pop up notifying you that the Unify Enhanced collection was installed into Unify. Then go and enjoy all your new sounds (and shift-click on different patches to start building instant combinations - this is one of the most satisfying aspects of Unify and will let you build amazing combos using different instruments- regardless if they come from Omnisphere or not).
  • What is Unify?
    PlugInGuru Unify is a standalone and plug-in host and virtual instrument for Mac and PC. It is like a Swiss Army Knife for musicians - bringing together any and all plug-in instruments and FX into a "unified" interface. Gone are the days of opening up a specific plug-in, navigating to it's own list of patches, and hunting to find the right sound for your project or performance. Now, Unify gives you access to all of your sounds - regardless of which plug-in's they are found in - and lets you instantly combine them. The Omnisphere 2 expansions from Rocky Mountain Sounds all include a separate Unify Enhancement folder - providing instant access to the Omnisphere collections - as well as additional macro knob setup using Unify's internal FX - and BONUS patch content that doesn't exist in the Omnisphere 2 version. These value-add bonus that comes with each collection for those that use Unify. Purchase Unify HERE User comments about what Unify is an how they use it - if you have loads of plugins, Unify can allow you to quickly work with them together in a variety of different situations (jamming, recording, working with various DAWs, live performance) in a consistent yet customizable environment - ...for me it's Skippy's enthusiastic tutorials and Shane's support, second to none - being able to use all your plugins in one streamlined user-friendly environment is pretty damn fantastic. I primarily build my own patches combining the instruments and effects that I own including the best free ones out there. It's easy and a lot of fun and the result is varying from awesome to mind blowing! - Macros: being able to alter and scale many parameters at the same time on one macro is liberating from a performance perspective. Mega Patches: being able to have patches made up of many different plugins for instant recall is amazing. Live: I use Unify for my live rig. I have a Maschine Jam which recalls and controls sounds in realtime. With this configuration, everything is loaded in RAM, so no loading times when using even the largest pianos in Keyscape. Support: Shane is always for for implementing and helping with configurations and requests.
  • Do I need PlugInGuru Unify to use Omnisphere Expansions?
    No, each Unify Enhanced product comes with the regular Spectrasonics Omnisphere ".omnisphere" installation file. You can take this and drop it on an open instance of Omnisphere 2 and it will self-install. For Unify users, there is a separate folder to add the converted collection into Unify. Although every Unify installation requires the pre-installation of the .omnisphere file, you do not need to use or own Unify to use the Omnisphere collection iteself.
  • I used a collection from RMS for a project - can I share it with you?
    Seeing and hearing the collections from RMS out in the wild is so important! Please email links to so we can check them out. Also, if you are willing to offer songs to be included on our product pages, please also include a download link to an MP3 version, including your full name, email address, social links, and what collections were used for the piece. In appreciation, bonus RMS reward points will be offered so you can save on a future purchase.
  • Who are the composers and songwriters that contribute to the sound collections offered at Rocky Mountain Sounds?
    RMS relies on the wonderful gifts from a community of composers and songwriters. Each one freely donates their time and creativity to help showcase each sound collection offered at RMS. They are so valued and you can check each of them out at By collaborating with this talented community, RMS is able to offer a diverse and unique selection of music styles that cater to a wide range of musical styles and preferences. This helps you discover just the right patch or sound collection for your next project.
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