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Majestica Pads volume 1 for Mainstage 3 cover artwork




Focused on the same custom sound-sources that were introduced for Omnisphere 2, more users can experience a new level of sound quality for their projects and live worship.  Even with the same Prophet 12, Radias, Juno and DeepMind 12 DNA running through this collection - special care was given to bring more focused sound and special processing for a new twist on the familiar pads.

Samples were reprocessed using brand new unique re-centring and mastering FX chains to bring new heft and optimal live performance capabilities to the spectacular sounds.  Modwheel is used for each and every patch to provide for variation and energy - ideal for live worship.

Special focus was taken to make the raw samples sound amazing on their own - without the need for additional host FX plugins.  This allows for simple integration into performance solutions like Worship Essentials - utilizing its own FX processing chains and controls.  On their own, Majestica pads utilize the least amount of CPU power possible - letting you supercharge your MainStage rig without risk of crashes.  

30 patches provide for a versatile collection of analogue synth pads ranging from mighty and powerful, to pristine and gentle.  A perfect addition to your sonic tool chest and gives MainStage and Logic Pro X users access to the same custom-crafted sound sources by Rocky Mountain Sounds.

Exclusive Rocky Mountain Sounds release available from That Worship Sound.

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