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Majestica Pads Volume 2 for Mainstage 3 cover artwork




MainStage and Logic users – it’s time to return to Majestica.  Featuring all the amazing custom sound-sources created for the popular Omnisphere 2 series – Majestica Pads Vol 2 features  the most beautiful pads yet from Rocky Mountain Sounds.

30 inspirational pads feature special re-processed 24-bit 96khz sound sources utilizing the latest mastering and imaging tools from Izotope and Boom Library.  These refreshed samples bring amazing focused sound and beauty for this release as well as providing for unique tonal colours compared to the original Omnisphere 2 version.  The modwheel is programmed for each pad to open up shimmery highlights – these are quite simply stunning!


The same focus on creating the most amazing raw samples carries over from Majestica Pads Vol 1.  No additional channel strip FX are used - what you are hearing is raw beauty and power – without taking over your computer’s processing resources.  On their own, these will shine through your live performance or productions – but they take on new life with the additional integration with Worship Essentials – allow you to seamlessly include Majestica Pads Vol 2 in your live worship system.

Majestica Pads Vol 2 was birthed  by the awe-inspiring Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Featuring patch names inspired by this local natural wonder – you will be transported to a crystal blue lake sunken in the depths of mighty snow-capped mountains- the Genesis of the entire Majestica series.

Exclusive Rocky Mountain Sounds release available from That Worship Sound.

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