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Short Stories Album Cover

Wayfarer Records is proud to announce the release of the genre bending project Short Stories by award-winning composer Ambiente Solstice (JJ Rey). Short Stories is destined to be an incredibly enjoyable listening experience that transcends a myriad of musical styles.

Short Stories features one of the finest collections of guest artists ever assembled. Pre-production for this massive undertaking began in mid-2023 and each artist brought forth their own unique concept of marrying different genres into a sound that is truly awe inspiring. These artists include 9-time Grammy-Award Nominated saxophonist Gerald Albright, Grammy-Award Winning guitarist Jim “Kimo” West, Grammy-Award Nominated trumpet/flugelhorn player Jeff Oster, the truly iconic bassist/composer Michael Manring, jazz bass legend Vail Johnson, film/television/session legend guitarist Carl Rydlund, multi-platinum selling composer/pianist Jeff Franzel and chart-topping ambient guitarist John Gregorius. The guest list doesn’t end there with additional appearances by Nashville studio elite Joe Cook (guitar), Edward Freytag (percussion), Stephen Davis (guitar) and Tommy Ogle (piano and organ) plus appearances by Wayfarer Records own Dave Luxton (label founder/guitar), Billy Denk (guitar)and Sean O’Bryan Smith (bass).

Ambiente Solstice Logo
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