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A fit of Murder - Psycho Sweet 16

Sounds used in A Gift of Murder (Psycho Sweet 16). Composer: Robert Arzola

Tactical Breach Wizards Game

Sounds used in trailer and in-game for Tactical Breach Wizards. Composer: Robert Arzola

Val - Amazon Original Documentary

Polar Ice X used in trailer for Val. Polar Genesis drones (starting at 0:46). Composed by Robert Arzola.


Majestica Vol 2 for Omnisphere 2 used in trailer for Bliss. Indigo FLutes Deep (bass swell at 11 seconds of trailer). Composed by Robert Arzola.

Peter James - Starlight

Peter James (Hillsong) - Starlight Rain Ambience - An ambient environmental rain layer created from Jason Schoepfer's Dystopian Rains Omnisphere bundle.

Ambiente Solstice - Abandoned Peace

Ambiente Solstice - Ambandoned Peace co-producer and sound design

David and Friends Sing at Christmas

Ambience Nakiska used on Doxology.


Ambience pads used for intro/outro on Golden Hour - Bob Dedes

Tunnel of light - Noizefilter

Sound design and final production

PlugInGuru - ESC Personal Flavours

Patch contributions

OMG! 1

Created 1 patch

PlugInGuru - MegaMagic Cello

Created 15 patches and 16 multis

PlugInGuru MegaMagic Guitars 1

Created 8 Patches for library

PlugInGuru MegaMagic Guitars 2

Created 17 Patches and 14 Multis. VIP Bonus - 3 Patches and 8 Multis

PlugInGuru MegaMagic Bells / Winds

Created 29 Patches and 15 Multis

PlugInGuru - InstantScore Galactik

Created 20 Patches, 7 Multis

PlugInGuru - Del Norte EDM Chill

Created 17 patches

PlugInGuru - Kreaturesque

Created 13 Patches

PlugInGuru - Boooombox

3 patches

Audiority GrainSpace

12 Factory Presets

Audiority - XenoVerb

Created 26 factory presets