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Check out the growing placements where Rocky Mountain Sounds Spectrasonics Omnisphere sounds can be heard.  Email if you would like to consider me for your project or add to the RMS placement listing.

Selah Sessions, Vol. 1

Freshwater and Dystopian Rains used throughout the album.

A fit of Murder - Psycho Sweet 16

Omnisphere sounds used in A Gift of Murder (Psycho Sweet 16). Composer: Robert Arzola

Tactical Breach Wizards Game

Omnisphere sounds used in trailer and in-game for Tactical Breach Wizards. Composer: Robert Arzola

Val - Amazon Original Documentary

Polar Ice X for Omnisphere 2 used in trailer for Val. Polar Genesis drones (starting at 0:46). Composed by Robert Arzola.


Majestica Vol 2 for Omnisphere 2 used in trailer for Bliss. Indigo FLutes Deep (bass swell at 11 seconds of trailer). Composed by Robert Arzola.

Peter James - Starlight

Peter James (Hillsong) - Starlight Rain Ambience - An ambient environmental rain layer created from Jason Schoepfer's Dystopian Rains Omnisphere bundle.

Ambiente Solstice - Abandoned Peace

Ambiente Solstice - Ambandoned Peace co-producer and sound design

David and Friends Sing at Christmas

Ambience Nakiska used on Doxology.


Ambience pads used for intro/outro on Golden Hour - Bob Dedes

Tunnel of light - Noizefilter

Sound design and final production

PlugInGuru - ESC Personal Flavours

Patch contributions

OMG! 1

Created 1 patch

PlugInGuru - MegaMagic Cello

Created 15 patches and 16 multis

PlugInGuru MegaMagic Guitars 1

Created 8 Patches for library

PlugInGuru MegaMagic Guitars 2

Created 17 Patches and 14 Multis. VIP Bonus - 3 Patches and 8 Multis

PlugInGuru MegaMagic Bells / Winds

Created 29 Patches and 15 Multis

PlugInGuru - InstantScore Galactik

Created 20 Patches, 7 Multis

PlugInGuru - Del Norte EDM Chill

Created 17 patches

PlugInGuru - Kreaturesque

Created 13 Patches

PlugInGuru - Boooombox

3 patches

Audiority GrainSpace

12 Factory Presets

Audiority - XenoVerb

Created 26 factory presets

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