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Sanctuary for Nylon Sky - Unify Enhanced

Updated: Apr 23

Majestic pipe organs now for Sonic Extensions Nylon Sky

The beautiful sound of the organ finally in Nylon Sky

Are you looking for a new way to spice up your music with the majestic sounds of pipe organs? Do you want to explore the rich sonic possibilities of this ancient and versatile instrument? If so, you will love Sanctuary, a patch library for Omnisphere that was created by sampling stops from pipe organs.

Sanctuary is the result of a passion project by Adrian Earnshaw, a talented organist and composer who has been playing the organ for 25 years and has a classical training. Adrian has access to several local pipe organs, ranging from small two manual organs to larger organs that contain many pipes and stops, and he decided to capture their unique timbres and characteristics in high-quality samples. The project has been more than 12 months in the making.

Sanctuary contains 240 patches and 40 multis, each one featuring original samples that you won't find anywhere else. Adrian sampled a variety of pipe organs, each with its own history and style. Some of the organs he used are:

- A Positiv Walker organ that was built in 1969 and no longer exists. This organ had a distinctive sound, as it used a small number of pipes and transposed them up an octave to achieve the 4 foot and 2 foot pitches. Adrian managed to record some of the last sounds of this organ before it was dismantled.

- A magnificent Father Willis organ that was built in 1877 and is set in a Pugin designed church. This organ is one of the masterpieces of Victorian organ building, and has a powerful and expressive tone. Pugin was a famous architect who pioneered the Gothic Revival style, and his churches are renowned for their beauty and elegance.

You can use these patches to create beautiful melodies, harmonies, chords, pads, textures, and more, in any genre or style. You can also tweak them with Omnisphere's powerful synthesis engine and effects to create your own custom sounds, and layer them with other sounds from Omnisphere's vast library.

The stops that have been sampled include, flutes, trumpets, bassoons, 2 2/3 Nazards, 1 3/5 Tierce. These latter two stops are not at whole pitch tone, which is normal 8’, 4’ or 2’. However, blended together with these standard pitches it gives a rich harmonic sound.

To keep in the spirit of a liturgical setting, the percussive hits in this library were created from various sized hymnals. Not the normal size you find in pews, but the full music versions that organists use. These are weighty tomes and provide a great source for kick and snare sounds. The little pew hymnal wasn’t left out though. Samples were created flicking through the pages of those little books.

Sanctuary is more than just a collection of samples. It is a tribute to the pipe organ, an instrument that has a soul and a voice of its own. It is a way to explore the rich sonic possibilities of this instrument, and to discover new sounds and emotions. Whether you are a fan of classical, rock, pop, ambient, or any other genre, you will find something to inspire you in Sanctuary. Buy and download it today and unleash your creativity!

Explore the sights and sounds of Sanctuary at the product page

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