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Cassette for Omnisphere 2

Press Play on Jason's 16th release for Omnisphere 2

Introducing "Cassette for Omnisphere 2," my latest sound set that takes you on a nostalgic journey through the sounds of the 80s, infused with a modern twist. Picture this: stumbling upon a dusty old bin filled with cassette tapes from my teenage years. Memories flooded back of creating my own songs using a trusty 4-track cassette recorder. Inspired by this blast from the past, I set out to capture that vintage vibe with a contemporary edge. 

Using my beloved Prophet 12 synth, I crafted 37 unique sounds, each brimming with the warmth and character of analog hardware. Then came the fun part – treating them with cassette tape emulation effects to add that authentic retro flavor. I spent countless hours curating each sample to ensure an immersive sound experience, reminiscent of the cassette tapes of yesteryear. 

tek.drum digital drum machine photo
tek.drum digital drum machine

But the magic doesn't stop there. I also sampled a one-of-a-kind drum machine called the Tek.Drum, giving you access to gritty lo-fi digital drum kits that scream 80s nostalgia. With variations created using the same cassette tape emulation effects, you'll find yourself lost in a world of retro-inspired drum grooves and patterns.  

From nostalgic ARPs and BPMs to moody pads, powerful basses, and character-filled leads, "Cassette for Omnisphere 2" is my love letter to the defining genres of the 80s, with a modern twist. So whether you're crafting ambient soundscapes or synthwave anthems, join me on this sonic adventure where past and present collide in perfect harmony.

Full Patch Wlakthrough with Adrian Earnshaw

Demo Songs showcasing Cassette in action

Check out even more demo songs at the product page. Download the user manual for even more details on the sounds.


Cassette for Omnisphere 2 - Unify Enhanced







Unify Enhanced Patches


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