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Acid Rain for Omnisphere 2

Developer: Beautiful Void Audio (through Triple Spiral Audio)

Acid Rain for Omnisphere 2.8 is a unique collection of patches (107 total) based on foley rain recordings, including individual raindrop samples and clusters. There are a wide variety of patches – including beautiful and haunting pads, menacing and ominous drones, intriguing and strange textures, and cinematic and quirky hits and grooves. With a vast range of moods, from soothing and gentle to dramatic and terrifying, it’s a truly versatile tool for many scoring and arrangement applications – from a unique perspective.There is an overall organic feel, due to all sounds being derived from the raw rain recordings, with no other sound sources added.


433MB uncompressed (the .omni file)

94  Sound Sources107 Patches in 8 categories

Category breakdown:

ARP + MIDI                 – 16

Hits and Bits               – 19

Hybrid Organic          – 26

Pads + Strings             – 13

Synth Mono                 – 16

Textures Playable         – 8

Textures Soundscape  – 5

Voice and Wind            – 4

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