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UltraWasp for Omnisphere 2 / Hot Bug

Updated: Apr 23

Developer: PlugHugger

UltraWasp is based on one of the coolest analogs synths of all time: the EDP Wasp. Originally released in 1978, the Wasp was an affordable monophonic synth that often has been overlooked due to its toy-ish design, bright colours and membrane keyboard. But in terms of sound quality, the Wasp delivers a raw and uncompromisingly fat tone, which probably was the reason why Behringer decided to create a clone of the Wasp.

The highlight of the Wasp is its filter which easily creates a beautiful saturation when turning up the oscillators to max. If you want an even more heavy tone - route the output of one oscillator back in to the inputs. The sound is absolutely glorious.

"ultrawasp is a complete reimagining of the original wasp, with better envelopes, polyphony, matching effects and a modern EDM sound with sonic attitude from the 1980s."

With UltraWasp we sampled all aspects of the Behringer Wasp Deluxe, from the raw oscillators and the saturated filter to the lofi LFO which is excellent for creating strange textures and effect sounds with. We even created a handful of drum and percussion sounds with the Wasp, although the hardware envelopes are quite sloppy and ideal for drums but we pushed the sound as far as we could, then brought it all into Omnisphere for further processing.


To bring a further dimension to the Wasp, we also sampled the Wasp running through an Elektron Analog Heat +FX multiprocessor, with various effects to bring the Wasp into new sonic territories. Both harder, using the analog saturation and/or the bitcrusher, and softer by drenching the whole signal in reverb. And chorus.

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