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Vinyl for Unclean Machine - Unify Enhanced

Updated: Mar 22

Discover the captivating blend of retro sonic sounds and vintage vinyl flavors in Vinyl for Unclean Machine.

Vinyl for Unclean Machine and Omnisphere 2 cover

This unique expansion combines the original Vinyl for Omnisphere 2 patch and samples with the new retro effects modules from the Unclean Machine. Focus was on exploring the Unclean Channel and Unclean Verb "Vinyl" effects to add even more character to the original designs.

Vinyl for Unclean Machine inside of Omnisphere 2

In addition to the new patches and multis, we've included a fresh set of custom samples that take the Vinyl experience to new heights. As with all new RMS releases, a complete drum kit was sampled from the Patchblocks Tek Drum, a unique digital drum machine. These sounds have been enhanced with a selection of Unclean Machine FX, adding a punch to your productions. Furthermore, we've captured nature ambiences to provide a unique lo-fi underscore and create an unparalleled soundscape not found in Omnisphere.

To inject a touch of creativity, we've included a collection of outlandish 70s phrases and words performed by Jason Schoepfer (yours truly). These elements offer something fresh and distinctive to inspire your creations. Take a moment to explore these exciting additions and experiment with the incredible FX that Unclean Machine provides.

For existing owners of Vinyl, we appreciate your support. As a token of gratitude, we offer a special upgrade discount. Simply email us at with your original order number to receive an exclusive discount code.

To enhance your experience further, don't miss the opportunity to add the original Vinyl for Omnisphere 2 to your cart and enjoy a special discount at checkout. Immerse yourself in a retro sonic soundscape infused with vintage vinyl flavors, meticulously crafted for Unclean Machine.


Sonic Extension Unclean Machine

Patch Walkthrough with Adrian Earnshaw

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