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J3PO Signature Patches Vol 2 for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Apr 23

The “J3PO Signature Patches Vol 2” for Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere power synthesizer includes a total of 70 presets, ranging from contemporary/electro/hip-hop to vintage/nostalgia to movie/tv-score sounds. This is Volume 2! If you own Volume 1 and are digging it, you will happy to have double the sounds now!

Developer: Julian J3PO Pollack

A lot of these patches were created in direct correlation with some of my favorite analog hardware synths: the OB-Xa, the Prophet 5, the OB-6, Prophet 6, the Minimoog, and others. Though I track with these analog synths all the time in my studio, many times I need to be able to keep everything “in the box”—so I’ve recreated a lot of my favorite and most used patches from these synths for Omnisphere. What you are getting with these 70 presets are some of my most “used” sounds in the studio. I hope you enjoy playing and using these patches as much as I do.

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