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Binaural Pads for Omnisphere 2

Binaural Pads for Omnisphere 2 cover art

Developer: Tom Wolfe

Following on from the hugely popular Binaural Soundscapes pack, Binaural Pads is a collection of 50 beautifully 3D pads for Spectrasonics Omnisphere. By placing subtle shimmering ambience in a 360° binaural space, this unique soundbank takes pads to a new dimension. From deep darkness to dazzling bright, ice cold to soothing warmth, and static tranquility to flowing fluidity, each preset is elevated by the awe-inducing binaural ambience. If you’re a composer or a producer looking to add new depth to your tracks and compositions, then look no further.


With 50 immersive 3D presets, Binaural Pads will transform your music with captivating binaural ambience.


Explore 360° binaural atmosphere, from subtle shimmer to dazzling brilliance, opening up a new realm of sonic possibilities.


Perfect for producers and composers of any genre, Binaural Pads adds a remarkable new level of depth and dimension to your tracks and compositions.

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