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Lost Memoirs for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Mar 22

A collection 301 vintage patches in 13 categories for Omnisphere 2.

Developer: Beautiful Void Audio

Lost Memoirs is a collection of 301 vintage patches in 13 categories, for Omnisphere 2.8. – Owners of the Beautiful Void Audio – Tapes from the Attic soundset get automatically 15% discountThe library is brimming with a lo-fi grit on every patch. Unstable, nostalgic synths blend with reimagined string recordings. Granular brass and dirty woodwinds give way to haunting, broken choirs. Found sounds are morphed into evocative, playable soundscapes. Tender guitars reflect gently bubbling, melancholic retro synth arps. Lost Memoirs is a journey into a beautifully fragile past, coated in a haze of distant dust.

This is a library full of emotion, grit and beauty. In part this is due to the fact that most of the sounds come straight from old recordings. These vintage qualities are baked into the sound, creating a sense of nostalgia. Sometimes effects were added in order to increase the “vintage” quality of the sound.

Despite its vintage source material, the set remains highly versatile, offering a range of tones suitable for genres spanning ambient, electronic, cinematic, and beyond.

There are 304 sound sources, mostly coming from vintage public domain film and audio. The rest come from virtual analog synths (The Legend, Repro-5, and Lush-101).Tweaked through the Omnisphere 2 engine, the result is a palette of sounds that is not only beautiful but also deeply evocative. You will find many gritty and mangled sounds, but also many emotional and nostalgic sounds.


484MB (uncompressed)

304 Sound Sources

301 Patches(category breakdown)

ARP + BPM – 28

Brass – 25

Guitars – 6

Hits And Bits – 13

Hybrid Organic – 26

Keyboard – 13

Organs – 8

Pads + Strings – 54

Synth Mono – 37

Synth Poly – 18

Textures Playable – 38

Textures Soundscape – 1

Voice And Wind – 34


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