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Reveries Extended for Omnisphere 2 + Undercurrent

Developer: Triple Spiral Audio

This soundset requires Omnisphere 2 AND the Undercurrent Sonic Extension.

If you do not have the Undercurrent Sonic Extension, please check out the regular version of Reveries You don’t need to buy both versions as the Extended soundset contains all the sounds from the original Reveries. If you are upgrading from the regular Reveries soundset, you will see an adjusted price during the checkout.

Reveries Extended is our new cinematic soundset for Omnisphere with 230 presets (115 original presets and 115 alternative versions. With this soundset we want to provide composers and producers a toolkit to enhance their productions. This soundset is filled with gritty, strong, powerful and cinematic sounds. Ranging from fierce and brutal ARP’s and Basses till soaring and lush pads and topping it off with a solid collection of dark, twisted soundscapes and textures.

The Reveries Extended set contains all the original presets from the Reveries soundset and has for each preset an alternative version with the usage of the  soundsources and FX from the Undercurrent Sonic Extensions. The alternative versions offer you a more darker, grittier sound of the original sound.

Featuring: 74 BPM presets (arps, bass loops, pulses and sequences), 8 Bells and Vibes, 12 Bowed Colors, 6 Distortion, 6 Ethnic World, 8 Guitars, 6 Hits and Bits, 10 Keyboards, 28 Pads and Strings, 16 Synth Bass, 4 Synth Mono, 8 Synth Poly, 10 Synth Short, 10 Textures Playable, 24 Textures Soundscape

Included in the purchase is also a Unified version , which is completely optional and is intended for users who like to work with and load soundsets in Pluginguru’s Unify.

Requires: Omnisphere 2.8.5+ AND Undercurrent Sonic Extension

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