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Clouds for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Apr 23

Producer Philip Yoo presents Clouds for Omnisphere 2!

This library is designed for those who are already using Omnisphere but just need fresh inspiration or some fun ear candy for their stage/production sounds! It covers the basics from pads, bells, bass, pulses, glides, and BGVs.

In my beginning years, I only used Omnisphere on stage and in the studio because I didn’t have money to spend on other programs. But, the more time I spent in it, I realized I could pretty much come up with any sounds I dreamed of within Omnisphere. This product is just a small glimpse of the sounds I made!

All the patches are already eq’d, compressed, and have creative FX – you just have to load and play.

A good portion of the sounds have mod wheel assignments, so remember to use the mod wheel!

The patch demo demonstrates the possibility of how these patches can be used on stage or in your studio! There are no additional plugins used in the demo besides Omnisphere, a few pads just have automated fades within Ableton Live.


  • 16 patches for Omnisphere 2

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