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Omnisphere Niebla

Developer: The Very Loud Indeed Co.

Omnisphere Niebla is a collection of 120 all new cinematic patches for Spectrasonics' Omnisphere 2.8 synthesizer. It includes 114 new sound sources recorded from electric guitars and which have been abused and mangled to make them grimy, dirty and dripping with character. It only uses these new sound sources and does not recycle the stock ones in Omnisphere or any other set.

Much like its spiritual predecessor, Omnisphere Altura, Niebla is a great toolkit for scoring suspense, horror and just about any genre that requires a score that conveys psychological tension. This soundset has been inspired by the work of composers like Charlie Clouser, Mark Korven, John Murphy and the Newton Brothers.

Omnisphere Niebla makes extensive use of the modulation wheel. In many cases, it may completely change the patch into something totally different, so we encourage you to have fun with it.

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