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Underscore Pads for Omnisphere 2

Developer: That Worship Sound - Philip Yoo

Producer Philip Yoo presents Underscore Pads for Omnisphere 2!

This library was made to show how you can pair pads with different sounds, especially within the worship context! Pads are the invisible glue that brings the sound together, the invisible pillow that everybody can fall back on.

Over the years I’ve created hundreds of pads – some I love and some I hate. I had become tired of using stock Omnisphere patches and I wanted to make the sounds that I enjoyed. I soon realized some special combinations of pads uniquely moved my heart, so I created a library showcasing the sounds that I paired together within Omnisphere.

All the patches are already eq’d, compressed, and have creative FX – you just have to load and play.

The mod wheel is also already assigned to a lot of these sounds, so don’t forget to move the mod wheel!

As you’ll see in the demo, some sounds are complex and some sounds are simple but they all do awesome things when paired together. I simply show how I pair sounds with this library, but feel free to mix and match any sounds and make it your own!


  • 24 patches for Omnisphere 2

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