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Grooves Extended for Omnisphere 2 + Sonic Extensions

Updated: Feb 26

Grooves Extended for Omnisphere 2 cover art

For this soundset the Sonic Extensions Seismic Shock and Unclean Machine are a hard requirement to have. If you don’t have those, please check out the original Grooves soundset

Grooves is our new drum soundset for Omnisphere 2, a collection of 128 meticulously crafted drum loop presets and curated from 50 custom drum loops and kits. This soundset is creative toolkit for music producers and composers, offering a great range of percussive sounds that transforms the powerful Omnisphere 2 into a rhythmic powerhouse.

The Grooves Extended version contains the 64 original Grooves presets and each presets has an alternative version with the usage of the FX from the Seismic Shock and Unclean Machine Sonic Extensions. These alternative versions give a nice variation and/or enhancement in comparisson with the original presets.

Each preset has 2 layers with drum sounds that are standard enabled, one layer with a tonal element and one with white noise, adding a high percussive sound. The tonal and noise layer can be enabled to taste and as you see fit.


  • 128 presets

  • 50 soundsources

  • Unify version (optional)

  • Royalty free sample pack with 50 drum loops in 48/24 wav format

Requirements: Omnisphere 2.8.5+ and Seismic Shock + Unclean Machine Sonic Extensions (hard requirement)


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