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Equilibrium 2 for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Apr 23

Developer: Luftrum

Equilibrium 2 – Omnisphere Bank

[Equilibrium: \ē-kwə-ˈli-brē-əm\ a state of intellectual, mental or emotional balance in which competing influences are balanced, due to equal action of opposing forces] 

Equilibrium 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Equilibrium, sculpted with unmatched finesse by the acclaimed sound designer and producer Arksun and thoughtfully curated by Luftrum.

This sequel introduces an exclusive selection of 64 Omnisphere presets, each crafted with precision and attention to detail.

Just like its predecessor, Equilibrium 2 is designed with a focus on playability, offering expressive presets that lean more towards unique, engaging sounds. These presets are not only addictive to play, but also blend seamlessly into any mix.

The soundset offers a diverse range of captivating presets from warm airy pads and powerful synth leads to electronic poly synths and delicate arpeggios that sparkle with life. It also includes rich, deep analog basses, playable textures and cinematic elements that add a layer of drama and intensity, making it versatile across various genres. Equilibrium 2 is aimed at the heart of electronic music, yet it seamlessly integrates into any genre seeking electronic infusion!

Immerse yourself in the demo track ‘An Autumns Tale’ by Arksun, demonstrating the raw melodic potential of this set. The demo is produced using only presets from the soundset, with no external plugins or effects. The demo is a sequel to ‘A Winter’s Tale’ from the original Equilibrium, continuing the legacy.

The set requires Omnisphere v2.8 or later. Each preset has a few dB of headroom maintained, even at full velocity. Modwheel and aftertouch are assigned and the presets are organized in official Spectrasonics categories. The omnisphere bank comes with a PDF guide for easy installation.


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