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Luftrum Ambient 3 for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Apr 23

Luftrum Ambient 3 is a return to the Luftrum roots, to the very beginning of what started it all. This release is the third in the series, following the first Luftrum Ambient designed for Camel Audio’s Alchemy, and the subsequent Luftrum Ambient 2, tailored for Omnisphere 2.

Luftrum Ambient 3 for Omnisphere 2 cover artwork for Spectrasonics

Developer: Luftrum

Luftrum Ambient 3 continues to explore the vast universe of ambient music, containing a total of 150 presets by Luftrum for Omnisphere 2, thoughtfully divided into 122 individual presets and 28 multis.

It’s an Omnisphere preset expansion that pays homage to both the pioneers and modern masters of the genre.

The set draws inspiration from Brian Eno, Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, and Vangelis, while also embracing the work of modern ambient artists like Jon Hopkins, Hilyard, Martin Stürtzer and Carbon Based Lifeforms. The influence extends to labels such as Ultimae, Valley View Records, and Synphaera, with a nod to the Japanese ambient scene too – bridging the gap between the sounds of the past and today’s expressions.

Each Omnisphere preset in the set is a microcosm of auditory artistry. Slow ambient pads that evolve and unfold over time, revealing subtle overtones and intricate patterns. Poly synths inspired by the forefathers of synth ambient, offering a delicate quality for crafting dreamy sequences. Rich immersive textures and deep drones that provide an introspective and serene atmosphere. Floating arpeggios that are narratives woven in notes, harmony and rhythm.

This set is a masterful blend of subtlety, experimentation, and simplicity, each aspect crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Designed primarily for ambient music, it will also seamlessly integrate into electronic and cinematic soundtracks.

The set is 110 MB and requires Omnisphere v2.8 or later versions. All presets are designed to be highly expressive, responding intuitively to the modwheel, velocity, and aftertouch – breathing life into every note played. Presets are organized in official Spectrasonics categories and maintain a few dB of headroom. An included PDF provides easy installation instructions.


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Luftrum does it again. Beautiful sounds to spark creativity.

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