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Atmospheria for Omnisphere 2 - Unify Enhanced

Updated: Jun 27

Visionary composer, John Louis Kluck, returns with his 3rd release for Omnisphere 2!

Developer: Rocky Mountain Sounds


My goal while making 'Atmospheria' was to incorporate movement in the presets to allow creators to express themselves artistically and convey complex ideas or emotions. Just as gestures and body language convey meaning in visual communication, the movement of sound waves, modulation, and timbral changes can convey expressive nuances and subtleties in audio. Movement can create a sense of space and dimensionality within the audio landscape. Panning, delay and reverb can simulate the sensation of sounds moving around the listener, immersing them in a rich auditory environment. Movement is a powerful tool for storytelling in audio.


Because the meditative nature of bell tones can induce a sense of serenity, relaxation, and inner peace and have the power to evoke memories and nostalgia, they were a focus while creating 'Atmospheria'. This collection also features a variety of soft keys, layers of lush pads, gentle arpeggios, and evolving textures to evoke mood, emotion, and imagery, transporting your listeners to sonic environments. The bass sounds found in the collection can help to shape the sonic landscape of your music and audio productions. Whether providing a solid foundation, adding impact and intensity, or enhancing the overall listening experience. The textures included in 'Atmospheria' can help to create depth, richness, and complexity in your next composition.


It is my sincere hope that 'Atmospheria' and its different timbres, textures, and sonic characteristics will help you discover unique and interesting sounds that resonate with your creative vision.


- John Louis Kluck

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