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Heatseeker for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Mar 22

Searing basses, synths, leads, pads, plucks, bpm , FX

Heatseeker for Omnisphere 2

Developer: Ilio

Heatseeker — Presets and Patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

Sometimes you need sounds with serious heat. Whether lighting up some Breakbeat, EDM, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Cyberpunk, Hardstyle, Acid, Alt Rock, Synth Rock, Hard Pop, Filmscore, Game Music, or any other genre that needs fiery intensity, Heatseeker is ready to ignite.

Heatseeker is a sonic toolkit of new sounds that includes overdriven and punchy basses, searing leads, blistering pads, scorching FX, blazing poly synths, sizzling plucks, and several tempo-locked fireworks to add motion. Also included are heavy guitar riff emulations, created with all the explosive DSP that Spectrasonics Omnisphere has in its toolbox. The patches in Heatseeker transcend genres, lending themselves to a wide variety of compositional applications.

Every patch in Heatseeker is meticulously designed with hours of dedication, crafted using Omnisphere's DSP waveforms, carefully selected filters, modulation, and effects, all individually forged to inspire you. Further, every patch includes modulation wheel assignments for more expressive control. In many instances, added aftertouch assignments further enhance your playing experience. And with 138 patches included, Heatseeker will stoke your creative flames for years to come!

138 Patches Included in Heatseeker:

● 40 ARP + BPM

● 18 Mono Synth/Leads

● 27 Poly Synths

● 25 Synth Bass

● 8 Synth Plucks

● 3 Bells and Vibes

● 2 Human Voices

● 5 Pads and Strings

● 10 SFX

About the Sound Designer

Michael (MIDIhead) Babbitt is an electronic music producer, songwriter/vocalist, and sound designer who has had original scores in movie trailers for The Matrix Reloaded, Silent Hill, and Mad Max-Fury Road, as well as a variety of television shows such as Dexter, CSI, Prison Break, MythBusters, Miami Ink, America’s Next Top Model (to name a few) and many remixes and original songs appearing in Konami’s Dance, Dance, Revolution video game series. He’s also produced all of ILIO’s Omnisphere patch libraries.

Free Lifetime Updates!

As with all our patch libraries, registered users enjoy the added benefit of access to free updates when they become available. From time to time, new patches are added, further expanding your pallet at no additional cost to you!

Important: Omnisphere version 2.8 or higher is required.

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