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White Wolf - Bad Wolf for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Plughugger brings in the sonic goodness from the Akai Timbre Wolf, Rhythm Wolf and Tom Cat into Omnisphere 2

White Wolf for Omnisphere is an electronica soundset with a vintage feel based on one analogue synth and two drum machines from Akai: Timbre Wolf, Rhythm Wolf and Tom Cat. Also known as the Akai Wolf Trio.

These three were released into the world in the middle of the 2010s during the height of the revitalization of affordable analogue gear, and immediately became controversial due to their limited sound.

But listening to them you recognize that together they form a unity with an authentic vintage analogue tone, very suitable for vintage electronica genres pioneered by artists such as Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre.

"white wolf is a vintage electronica soundset that is based on three of the worlds most controversial synths and drum machines."

Akai Tom Cat drum machine sampled for Omnisphere 2

Akai Rhythm Wolf

Akai Timber Wolf synth

For White Wolf we sampled almost every aspect of the trio, picked out our favourite tones and took these sounds for further improvement in Omnisphere.

Bad Wolf for Omnisphere 2 cover art

White Wolf vs Bad Wolf!

We also recorded a handful of sounds through the mangling mechanisms of a Sherman Filterbank, and together with the internal 'mauling' distortion of the Rhythm Wolf and Tom Cat, we made a counterpoint soundset, a sonic alter ego so to speak, which is the tonal nemesis of the White Wolf: Bad Wolf. Bad Wolf is edgier and a bit nastier than it's polished brother.

*Shoutout to Carl for using my own creation "Cascadia" for his promo video intro! That was a sweet surprise! Thank you my friend.


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