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Divergence for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Developer: PlugHugger

In a place where day meets night, and dreams meet reality. Divergence started out as a technical experiment based on our experimental soundset “Eternal Beauty of Fundamentals” for the Sequential Take-5 synthesizer.

divergence is a collection of ambient sounds from the take-5 synthesizer combined with sounds from omnisphere

Our first step was to record the sounds from the Take-5 and import them into Omnisphere. The second step was to compliment the sounds with a selection from the Omnisphere library, creating a hybrid collage of mellow electronic sounds.

As a contrast to our normal workflow, where we put a lot of focus on concepts, the only guide in our selection was to find sounds that could counterbalance the experimental sounds from the Take-5 in an organic way.

PRODUCT INFO Name: Divergence Requirements: Omnisphere 2 Number of sounds: 202 Format: Omnisphere 2 Style: Chill out, Melodic Ambient

CONTENT 8 Drum and Percussion sounds 5 Human Voices 38 Synth & Lead sounds 49 Textures & Soundscapes 45 Pads & Strings 17 Effects 40 Multi patches

I (Jason from RMS) had the honour of contributing a demo song for this release. I asked Carl from PlugHugger for more about this new expansion:

What inspired this collection?

It started out as a technical experiment on how to take a sound from the Sequential Take-5 synth and transfer it to Omnisphere, keeping the original sound and feel of the sound intact. While the original experiment was a failure, the doors of inspiration opened up and I figured out how to blend the sound of the Sequential and Omnisphere. Concepts are cool, but a good sound beats a cool conceptual sound any day.

What are your top picks from this collection and why?

My two favourite sounds are both textures. End of Disco is taken almost directly from a sound I made on the Take-5 which I love dearly. Another texture that I like is A Different Place. That sound is is originally the Sequential, but processed with the old Native Instruments Kore.

What is it about Omnisphere that you love? What sets it apart from other synths?

Omnisphere is multi timbral! How cool is that! I love the way you can stack simple bread-and-butter-sounds and combine them into massive walls of sound.

Favourite factory patches or soundsources?

I think what Spectrasonics and Diego Stocco did with the psychoacoustic section was an absolute game-changer, and I can play around with any of those and I am gone for hours.

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1 Comment

May 31, 2022

Check out my first demo song I have done for PlugHugger.

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