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Dr. Bob

Developer: PlugHugger

Dr Bob for Trilian is a celebration of one of the finest makers of synthesizers: Dr Robert Moog, and within Trilian there is an absolute wealth of waveforms from some of the most influential Moogs. From the original Minimoog and the massive Taurus pedals to the edgy Little Phatty. this soundset is actually two: dr bob + fat bastard. With this soundset we set out to push the sound of Moog in new directions. Not only is this an expansion with bass sounds, but also contains sounds seldom heard from a Moog: mellow synth plucks, lush pads, inspirational arpeggios and old-school stabs(!). FAT BASTARD - FREE BONUS! Fat Bastard is a unique soundset bundled with the Dr Bob soundset only, and contains 50 new sounds based on the intense and seriously crazy waveforms from the Metasonix Assblaster. A bit of a warning though. These sounds are a bit all over the place and are not as sophisticated as the sounds in the Dr Bob soundset. PRODUCT INFO Name: Dr Bob + Fat Bastard. Requirements: Trilian. This soundset also comes with 100 percent compatible presets for Omnisphere. But since the sounds rely on waveforms from Trilian, you have to own Trilian to be able to use the sounds on Omnisphere. Number of sounds: 150. Format: Trilian + Omnisphere v1 + v2 formats. Style: Bass, lead, pad, atmospheres and arpeggios.

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