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Complexity for Omnisphere 2 - Unify Enhanced

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

From the sound design of Jason Schoepfer comes an inspiring collection of densely-textured ambient noisescapes, haunting granular pads, polyrhythmic drums, epic hits and a collection of tonal instruments.

New samples were created from Jason's personal analog synthesizer collection that were creatively twisted to produce new sounds - perfect for manipulation inside of Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. Dark and disturbing, Complexity also ventures into polyrhythmic and mixed-meter rythmic elements with the inclusion of a full 808-sourced drumkit - including creative twists that add grungy ambient character to the percussion. Field recordings were explored further, resulting in otherworldly organic textures and distorted elements which transforms any music production. The optional PlugInGuru Unify Enhanced version lets users add all the Omnisphere patches and multis plus 27 bonus Unify creations with a simple drag and drop onto the Unify interface. Each Unify Enhanced patch is mapped to macro knobs providing instant sonic manipulation with the Unify effects and processors. Create amazing cpu-saving combinations and explore layering with any Unify sound for even more sonic inspiration. Sound Categories: ARP + BPM - 29 patches Bells - 9 patches Distortion - 16 patches Electro Percussion - 50 patches Hits - 32 patches Noisescapes - 94 patches Pads and Strings - 34 patches Bass - 10 patches Leads - 6 patches Synths - 5 patches Plucks - 8 patches 8 Way splits - 3 Multis Stacked Sounds - 31 Multis

The magic with Complexity is showcased in the 31 multis. Use the multis as inspiration on how to combine the various elements of Complexity into amazing splits, modwheel controlled grooves, and dense multi-zoned textures. Freely change each part of the multi to created endless new complex instruments - making Complexity and unbelievable value.

Adrian Earnshaw (also a designer with Rocky Mountain Sounds with his own Omnisphere bundle listed below) does a full patch walkthrough of Complexity - including tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Complexity as well as Omnisphere 2 in general.

Visit the product page and listen to the numerous demo songs that showcase Complexity in different genres.

Want some complimentary collections to add with Complexity - check out these RMS collections that would make great companions.

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