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Freshwater for Omnisphere 2 - Unify Enhanced

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Polar Ice X for Omnisphere 2 cover art

Discover a world of natural springs - rising out of the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Freshwater for Omnisphere 2 focuses on real freshwater springs. A special location was captured - from the beginning of where the freshwater springs come out of the ground, to the end where it escapes eastward into the rolling prairies. These streams are natural and have individual characteristics that sit perfectly in productions. The natural spring recordings are offered in 3 different versions.

  • A beautiful and playable natural environment patch with perfectly designed fades.

  • A special WIDE version that utilizes a second layer hard panned left and right and with adjusted sample start times - ideal for letting the music sit front and centre.

  • A raw SFX patch for those that want to use this instantly in their DAW for accurate start and end timing. This is allows for normal processing as if you were using individual wav sample packs (without all the hard drive bloat and file management issues).

There are also an abundance of new custom-sampled pads. The Prophet 12 was used to create brand new pad soundsources. These samples are included in Freshwater using my ground-breaking Split Bias technique- layering 4 samples across the keyrange in a single patch (normally requiring multiple patches inside a multi). This also allows for mixing of different samples for each octave. Sleep Pads are a new idea featuring slow and ambient attack and decays, with evolving swells that are perfect for sleep music, meditation, or study music. Ambient producers will appreciate the usefulness of this style as they layer wonderfully with normal pads. Pads - each of the Prophet 12 samples are presented in beautiful ambient pads - great to play on their own but even more amazing when layered with Sleep Pads and the Freshwater steams A small selection of bells, bowed bells, plucks and keyboards are included to round off the collection. Freshwater also includes full PlugInGuru Unify Enhancements, integrating instantly with your existing collection of Unify sounds. You will love how Freshwater adds a new dimension to your songs.


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