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Dystopian Rains for Omnisphere 2 - Unify Enhanced

Updated: May 25, 2022

Introducing Genesis Elements: Dystopian Rains for Omnisphere 2   The Genesis Elements series of sample and sound expansions are a treasure of amazing elemental building blocks – giving you exciting sonic territories to explore. Each release will showcase specific nature soundscapes, such as rains, which are the foundation of Dystopian Rains. Professional recording equipment were utilized to record Nature’s best in amazing quality and clarity. Sources come from the rolling prairies, the mighty Rocky Mountains and from the shores of the Pacific on the Canadian West Coast. All original soundsources were captured in 24-bit, 96khz resolution, not only the industry standard for professional sound effects and nature recordings, but critical to allow for extreme pitch shifting where these sounds are truly remarkable.

Rocky Mountain Sounds is partnering to release the Genesis Elements series direct and with our new European distributor and sound design powerhouse - Triple Spiral Audio.

Triple Spiral Audio is a sound design company founded by Jaap Visser in 2017. With many years of experience as a working composer and sound designer in game, trailer and music production industry, Triple Spiral Audio offers innovative sounds for various software synths, sample libraries and bespoke sound design.

You can purchase Dystopian Rains directly from Triple Spiral Audio

Check out the other libraries from Triple Spiral Audio as well as many top sound explorers

You can also purchase directly from Rocky Mountain Sounds


Jaap from Triple Spiral Audio has provided this fun patch walkthrough of the collection


A team for fantastic composers and media designers have contributed songs to demonstrate how to use Dystopian Rains for Omnisphere 2 in context. Check out the full team roster HERE

Enjoy this playlist of demos in a variety of musical genres


There are many Omnisphere MULTIS that showcase the sounds of Dystopian Rains in various ways. Enjoy this playlist of demos featuring some of the amazing multis found in this collection


About Genesis Elements

For the past three plus years I have been exploring sound effects and field recording. It started with my handheld Zoom H4n and led me down the proverbial rabbit hole. The first ever appearance was with PlugInGuru Northern Lights where I included a few sounds of cars driving by my house in the rain. I then began exploring other sounds found around my house with extra processing using some creative FX tools. This turned into my followup collection filled with custom sound sources - PlugInGuru Northern Impakt V1 - which received great reviews and solidified my focus on using custom created samples for all my future releases.

I moved back to sampling my synthesizer collection but applied additional special fx processing to create my popular line of pad collections found at That Worship Sound. The most unusual being Sound FX Vol 1 for Omnisphere 2. With this collection, I focused on one subject for my recordings - household doors and drawers. I decided to only recording 24-bit, 96khz quality which provided amazing stretching options when playing these sounds over a keyboard. I also focused on using Omnisphere's FX to transform the sounds which showed how powerful and amazing the internal tool set is - twisting and manipulating these raw sounds into unreal playable instruments, textures and percussion. It was this collection that birthed the idea of Genesis Elements - a series based on my hunt for nature sounds and the incredible transformations that could be birthed.

For those that appreciate the technical details - all sounds were recorded throughout the past 2 years. I had to wait for rainstorms to come and find the right opportunity to capture them. Anyone that does this knows that it is a painful process - where you miss most of the chances you are given to capture the right sounds. Rain is also something that doesn't have a sound on it's own- it is all about the materials that the rain hits- and the ambiance of the location that combine together to make for an interesting and enjoyable sound. The Dystopian Rains all feature these interesting aspects where you hear the resonating components from nearby surfaces or drains. There are distant winds and at times city noise that all combine together to set these sounds into usable scenes. Samples were also varied in length to allow for natural looping where you really can't tell when the loop occurs. Combined together- they provide for an amazing organic environment builder.

My trusty Zoom F8 professional field recorder captured all sounds through a pair of Oktava MK-012 microphones setup in an ORTF stereo array. This setup provided for a very wide stereo field which is ideal for musical applications and environment building. These sounds can sit behind your music score and stay out of the way.

Alongside the natural rain recordings - which provide for different intensities to allow for the perfect rain creation - I also processed rain using Zynaptiq Wormhole. This added the "Dystopian" character to the collection - bringing in dark and sci-fi textures that are showcased in many of the patches. Rain wasn't the only subject captured - Foley techniques were used with the creation of fake rain. I captured my eggs frying for the Tojas set of samples - adding an acid rain effect to the collection.

A bonus was the inclusion of two processed recordings I captured at my favourite location in the mountains - Castle Mountain Junction. Followers will know this place as it is a common subject of my photo posts online. This special place crosses the main train line that runs through Canada - allowing me the opportunity to record a Canadian Pacific Rail train - an iconic symbol of Canada. The sound is absolutely scary and was a perfect addition to the collection. Look for the special patches that include these sounds (tip- hold the notes to experience the full passing of the train). Here is a cool video showing this location

I hope you enjoy this new collection and this new series! With my partnership with Triple Spiral Audio - I am able to dive completely into this new creative concept and explore sounds that will take you to a new places. Future collections will explore ocean shorelines, streams and waterfalls, and hybrid new instruments combining the techniques I have learned - with new programming ideas I have discovered. It will be an exciting series and I hope you will join me on this new sonic exploration!


Dystopian Rains for Omnisphere 2 is available now!


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