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Tapes From The Attic for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Developer: Beautiful Void Audio

Tapes From The Attic is a collection of 259 patches for Omnisphere 2.8, with a vintage and lofi heart. There are 219 sound sources taken from old film and TV recordings. was primarily used for this endeavor. The sound sources were then creatively tweaked within the Omnisphere power synth.

From the get to, Tapes From The Attic was made with the vintage orchestral textures in mind. The idea was to find old, vintage recordings of orchestras and sample them in such a way that they can be used in modern applications – rather than using new samples and try to make them sound old (through vst effects or gear).

There are roughly 130, playable orchestral textures, and 129 other sounds in various categories (keys, strings, synths, etc).

Experimentation guided a lot of the process of making the set. So while it was originally meant to feature just orchestral textures, I just let myself create whatever came out of the experimentation process.

There’s also a lot of cross-over and subjectivity to the set. For example, though there is a “synth” patch collection within this set, none of the sounds are really synths. They are merely sounds that resemble synths, which are derived from old vintage recordings. Some of them are even from a trumpet sample. And sometimes a string sound was actually originally taken from a brass sound.

If you are familiar with the Elixer series for Kontakt, some of the non-orchestral sounds are similar (and were created with similar processes). I had a lot of fun creating my very first Omnisphere set. Please enjoy!

Purchase from Triple Spiral Audio

A big playlist with all the patches played with different videos for each category

CHeck out the the biggest release from Rocky Mountain Sounds

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