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Developer: Soundescape

Nordlys for Omnisphere 2 is a soundset/sample library of 203 patches and 224 custom made soundsources recorded from various analog and digital synthesizers. It consists mostly of pads and playable textures, but also a few bells, poly synths, organs and noisescapes.

The soundsources have been processed through high quality plug-ins from Universal Audio, FabFilter, Lexicon, Softube, SoundToys, ValhallaDSP, Relab Development, u-he, Native Instruments, Zynaptiq, iZotope and others. All soundsources, except for some noisescapes, are single note samples and can be played chromatically across the keyboard.

The majority of the patches were created to sound complex, yet playable and useful in a musical context. Sample start points have been modulated on most of the patches to emulate “free running oscillators”. This adds lots of motion and life to the sounds.

The sounds of Nordlys are perfect for ambient, chill out, electronica, synthwave and soundtracks for films, games and TV productions. Layer them with your orchestral compositions for interesting textures, or spice up the intros, outros and breakdowns of your electronic dance tracks.

All patches have mod wheel assignments, and have been tagged for easy access. To keep Omnisphere’s browser less cluttered, no new categories or tags have been added. All soundsources are seamlessly looped.

Some of the sampled synthesizers:

OB-6 Prophet-6 Prophet 12 Prophet Rev2 Virus TI Prologue JD-XA Nord Lead 3 FS1R

Please note: Nordlys requires Omnisphere 2.6 or higher. It can also be purchased with all soundsources as WAV files additionally. Please choose your format:

203 patches total – ARP + BPM: 3 – Bells and Vibes: 14 – Noisescapes: 12 – Organs: 6 – Pads + Strings: 88 – Synth Bass: 2 – Synth Poly: 19 – Textures Playable: 59

224 original, seamlessly looped soundsources (24 bit/44.1 kHz) Download size: 1.4 GB Size on drive: 1.8 GB

Optional WAV format: Download size: 1.4 GB Size on drive: 1.8 GB

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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