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Legacy for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Mar 22

Legacy for Omnisphere 2 cover

Developer: Triple Spiral Audio

Legacy is an allround soundset for Omnisphere 2 that is inspired by the timeless sounds of New Wave, early progressive rock such as Yes, Generis, Emerson Lake and Palmer and as well from film composers such as Ramin Djawadi, Trent Reznor and Clint Mansell.

The Legacy soundset comes 172 presets, 30 multis and created from 207 custom soundsources.

A breakdown of the amount of patches per category:

40 BPM ARP, 5 Bells and Vibes, 5 Bowed Colors, 9 Distortion, 4 Ethnic World, 22 Hits and Bits, 3 Hybrid Organic, 11 Keyboard, 1 Organ, 21 Pads + Strings, 11 Synth Bass, 9 Synth Poly, 6 Synth Short, 13 Textures Playable, 12 Textures Soundscape, 19 LIVE Multis, 11 STACK Multis

Included in the purchase is also a Unified version , which is completely optional and is intended for users who like to work with and load soundsets in Pluginguru’s Unify.

Requirements: Omnisphere 2.8.5+ and 1 GB free HD space


Check out this bundle for more Omnisphere 2 goodness from our friends at ILIO (*affiliate)

Ilio Spectrasonics Collection cover

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