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Xcess for All - Dream Keys for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The Xcess for All range is a series of smaller sized themed soundsets with 25 presets and a very affordable price. These are all new presets and not available in previous released soundsets.

Dream Keys cover artwork

Developer: Triple Spiral Audio

Dream Keys for Omnisphere 2 is a collection of beautiful ambient and atmospheric keys for Omnisphere 2. In total there are 25 presets.

RMS asked Jaap to talk more about this new series of expansions

Inspiration came from the fact that often as composer I am looking for specific type of sounds in a soundset or library and take the rest for granted.
With these smaller sized and more specified soundsets I hope to offer composers the toolkits they can use. And when the catalogue is growing it will allow people to combine certain sets as a sort of modular approach to find the sounds they need for their project.
It also requires less financial investment if you are only after a certain type of sound and that can be an advantage in these more financial troubled times.
And as sound designer it also nice and inspiring to work on smaller and more focussed projects. That is basically a bit the story behind these sets

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