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Fragments for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Developer: Beautiful Void Audio (distributed through Triple Spiral Audio)

The Beautiful Void Audio’s Omnisphere 2 soundset Fragments is based on the best selling Kontakt library “Seurat“. However, most of the samples have been edited and altered in order to get the most out of Omnisphere’s engine and many unique samples have been added as well.

With Fragments you can create sweeping, emotional cinematic pieces, but also more aleatoric and chaotic pieces. There are subtle and understated textures of real beauty, as well as dense and enthralling textures with a lot movement and nuance. There are beautiful and characterful strings and pads, as well as more chaotic “fragmented” ones.

My particular favorites are the Stravinsky inspired string textures in the ARP category.

There is something for everyone in this collection, but the majority of the sounds are in the String/Pad/Texture categories.

I personally believe these to be some of the best sounds I’ve produced.


100 presets (149 Sound Sources)

17 Arps 7 Bowed Colors 2 Guitars 3 Keyboards 1 Organs 30 Pads/Strings 3 Psychoacoustic 36 Textures Playable 1 Textures Soundscape

Purchase from Triple Spiral Audio


From RMS - I personally have this collection and find it would be a perfect pairing for users who have Complexity below. The atonal textures would layer amazingly with my own textures and the mix-meter/polyrhymic percussion would be fantastic for a complete production. Erick adds new real instruments and sampled playing techniques that make creative use of Omnisphere 2's granular engine.

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