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Electra for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Developer: Tom Wolfe

Featuring 100 presets, Electra is full of gritty electric synths. Forged from the sound of electricity, these presets are fizzing with electrical charge. Focusing on Omnisphere's range of electrical sound sources to create something truly unique, Electra stands out from the crowd. Ranging from gritty, buzzing sequences to sharp, bold textures, with plenty in between, this soundbank is aimed at composers looking to add some distinctive character to theirs scores and tracks.


Using Omnisphere’s factory soundbank, Electra has been forged from the sound of electricity. Ranging from wires and malfunctioning computers to vintage synths, Electra is fizzing with electrical charge!


With a focus on cinematic sounds, the presets in Electra come with the Mod Wheel and Orb mapped as standard. Creating movement in your tracks has never been so easy!


Having been carefully shaped and crafted, the presets in Electra have a sharp, gritty edge. Get ready for unique presets that add a distinctive flavour to your scores and tracks!

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