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Expanse 2

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Developer: Luftrum

Expanse 2 for Omnisphere 2.7

[Continued from Expanse] Empowered with the knowledge gleaned from the original EXPANSE artifact, the expedition navigates deeper into the infinite black, investigating stellar phenomena that defy physics. All the while listening for the answer to the question posed by the artifact. The source is out there, coded into the fabric of the universe…

Carrying the thread deeper into the unknown regions of space, Expanse 2 builds upon its predecessor Expanse with a more cinematic outing. The sound library is made for Omnisphere 2.7 (also compatible with 2.6) and contains 175 presets and 13 multis, handcrafted by ambient producer and sound designer Echo Season and curated by Luftrum.

Otherworldly pads collide with dramatic percussion, interlaced with delicate plucks and vibrant synths. This library positions itself as a balanced set of sounds whose intent is meant to encompass the broad spectrum of the human condition. From dark to light, it leaves no stone unturned.

Influenced by the works of composers such as Hans Zimmer, Clinton Shorter, Jóhann Jóhannsson, and Michael McCann, Expanse 2 is well suited for your next sci-fi blockbuster, suspense drama or cyberpunk dystopia.

Of course, there is plenty of light to be found within, and alongside the mysterious dark matter you will uncover shimmering soundscapes, liquid keys, and textured atmospheres. Each patch is volume balanced to an exacting degree with care and consideration given to modwheel (for every patch) and aftertouch (when applicable). All presets are carefully designed with attention to detail, sorted in official Spectrasonics categories and as always leaving a few dB headroom at max polyphony.

The YouTube vid below takes you through each of the 175 presets + the Multis and you can browse the official Spectrasonics categories included in Expanse 2, via the timestamps in the description, so you can jump to the category you want to audition, head directly to Pads + Strings if you want, or go straight to the Multis.

Expanse 2 is 31 MB and made in Omnisphere v2.7 but it will also work in v2.6 with the exception of two presets. Add the predecessor soundset Expanse to the same shopping cart, and save 10%. The cover artwork is created by and licensed with permission from Oliver Sjöholm.

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