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Binaural Soundscapes for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Tom Wolfe brings binaural audio to Omnisphere 2 for the very first time.


Bringing binaural audio to Omnisphere for the very first time, Binaural Soundscapes is a collection of 50 presets and 72 soundsources with a cinematic nature. By placing serene, atmospheric ambience in a 3D binaural space, Binaural Soundscapes makes use of this groundbreaking technique to create the biggest, most spacious textures for Omnisphere that you’ve ever heard. Full of huge, shimmering ambience and deep cinematic atmosphere, Binaural Soundscapes is perfect if you’re a producer or composer who wants to take your tracks and cues out of the 2D spectrum, and elevate them to the next level.


Binaural Soundscapes is the very first soundbank to bring binaural audio to Omnisphere, making it a truly groundbreaking collection!

THE BIGGEST TEXTURES YOU’VE EVER HEARD By placing atmospheric ambience in a 3D binaural space, Binaural Soundscapes creates the biggest Omnisphere textures you’ve ever heard. If they’re not, you’ve got 30 days to get a full refund!


Created from a pool of 72 soundsources, carefully crafted using a range of hardware synths, guitars and FX chains, Binaural Soundscapes oozes cinematic ambience from every pore.


WHAT IS BINAURAL AUDIO? Binaural audio is a form of spatial audio. Using special psychoacoustic techniques, the stereo field is transformed in to a large 3D space, allowing sounds to be placed around the listener, rather than just left or right. HOW CAN OMNISPHERE BE BINAURAL? Binaural audio applies psychoacoustic processing to regular stereo audio, meaning that any device that works with stereo audio can also play binaural audio. DO I NEED SPECIALIST EQUIPMENT? No! Because binaural audio uses stereo audio protocols, any device or software that can process stereo audio can also work with binaural audio! No specialist plugins or audio devices required. DO I NEED TO LISTEN TO THESE PRESETS ON HEADPHONES? While the binaural 3D effect is most prominent on headphones, these presets still sound great on speakers! While you will lose some of the 3D effect, this allows you to create one track mix that sounds great on speakers, but is elevated in to 3D on headphones. CAN I MIX THE PRESETS WITH STEREO SOUNDS? Absolutely! The presets in Binaural Soundscapes can be combined and mixed with regular stereo sounds to create your track. The binaural presets will help elevate your mixes, and bring a 3D component to otherwise 2D tracks. I’M NOT SURE ABOUT THIS, CAN I TRY IT? Using new techniques is hugely exciting, but I understand it can also be intimidating. That’s why your purchase is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee! Simply purchase Binaural Soundscapes and give it a go – if you feel binaural Audio isn’t for you, you can get a full refund!


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