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Zero Point One

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Developer: PlugHugger

Zero Point One is a cinematic collection of sounds inspired by classic Cyberpunk movies and computer games, such as Bladerunner and the Deus Ex and Shadowrun series.

zero point one is aimed for cinematic cyberpunk productions

Sonically, it’s a blend of old and modern synthetic gear and acoustic instruments, such as string machines by Logan and Elka, cheap circuit-bent keyboards, acoustic strings, dreamy pianons, dystopian soundscapes and pads. Lots and lots of pads. Zero Point One (179 sounds):

  • 32 Arpeggios & Sequences

  • 23 Effect and Hit sounds

  • 49 Pads / Synth strings

  • 6 Bass sounds

  • 15 Synth sounds

  • 14 Textures and Soundscapes

  • 40 Multi sounds

PRODUCT INFO Name: Zero Point One. Requirements: Omnisphere 2.6. Number of sounds: 179 (139 singles + 40 multis). Format: Omnisphere 2 format.

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