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Watchers First Encounter for Omnisphere 2 - Unify Enhanced

Updated: 6 days ago

Polar Ice X for Omnisphere 2 cover art

Lost in the wilderness you start to drift asleep when you hear what sounds like an explosion. Startled, you jump up and look around. At first, you can't see where the explosion came from - there is silence and complete darkness around you. As you look up to the stars that are your only source of light, you are shocked to see an indescribable shape with a purple ring of fire surrounding it. A beam of light blinds you and the wilderness transforms into a cargo bay. Watchers First Encounter is an expansion that breaks a few rules. It is not just another patch library. It's something that will unlock feelings and ideas inside you that will feel foreign and unusual. Inside this expansion for Omnisphere 2 include:
  • Textures in which you need only one note

  • Surprisingly unusual but usable basses

  • Leads that will make the moon cry

  • Keys that will allow you to express yourself

Enjoy the next chapter in sonic adventure, expression and inspiration from the sound design talents of Allen Polley. Step into Watchers First Encounter.

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