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Arcturus for Omnisphere 2 - Unify Enhanced

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

From the sound design mind of Allen Polley comes Arcturus for Omnisphere 2 - exclusively from Rocky Mountain Sounds.

Arcturus is one of the brightest stars to the naked eye in the night sky. A red giant star over 36 light years away from Earth. What if one could travel there, not by ship, but by sound?

Featuring 177 patches, 27 multis (by Jason Schoepfer) and 72 soundsources, Arcturus for Omnisphere 2 will inspire your imagination with sounds for every genre.

  • Basses that will shake your body

  • BPM and ARPs that fit any style

  • Textures that can create an entire track with a single note

  • Leads that will leave you with the need for a life jacket

  • Pads that are full and lush that can back anything you put over them

Arcturus for Omnisphere 2 isn't just a library - it's a journey!

*includes PlugInGuru Unify Enhancements with 15 bonus Unify-only patches as well as full designed patches using 8 macro knob assignments to Unify's internal FX tools (created by Jason Schoepfer)

Add the Arcturus Ambience Construction Kit (below) to your cart with the Omnisphere 2 collection (above) - and use coupon code Arcturus to get it for free! ($19 value)

Patch Walkthough by Allen Polley (no talking)

Demo Song Movie (featuring all the 'contextual' songs in a single video - see YouTube description for timestamps to jump through songs)

Soundcloud Playlist (features 'contextual' mixes using additional sounds and processing, and 'isolated' mixes showcasing ONLY Arcturus for Omnisphere 2 sounds)

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