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Undercurrent - Sonic Extension by Spectrasonics

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Polar Ice X for Omnisphere 2 cover art

Journey to the Darkside…

With its vast world of evocative moods and brooding textures, Undercurrent™ is the quintessential tool for dark electronic music production. Highly playable and customizable, you’ll find truly endless creative possibilities. These remarkable sounds and highly versatile effects are an indispensable palette for any forward-thinking composer/producer.

  • A dark masterpiece by Ignacio Longo, top Spectrasonics designer

  • Exclusive new “Under Fire” saturator/comp/EQ effect!

  • Exclusive new “Under Echo” pitch-shifted ambience effect!

  • Over 2,000 sounds in eleven different categories

  • Powerful Custom Controls for creative sound manipulation

  • Over 300 extraordinary new Soundsources (over 7GB)

  • Innovative Modular Multisampling – unique timbre/gesture per-key

  • Easily transform evocative sounds into pulsing rhythms

  • Ominous sounds recorded in Secret Underground Tunnels

  • Vast range, from moody ambience to extremely intense

  • Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

372 patches, 1860 scenes, 350 soundsources, 7.1GB

Patch Walkthough

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Jason @ Rocky Mountain Sounds
Jason @ Rocky Mountain Sounds

Ok so I just got this and it’s a great first pick if people are deciding between the 4. I was more attracted to the Under Echo and it’s an amazing FX module. I am already planning on doing a special version of an upcoming collection that will use Undercurrent so stay tuned.

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