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Developer: Triple Spiral Audio

Singularity is new electronic and ambient soundset for Omnisphere 2. It contains 128 presets, 25 multis and is created from 100 soundsources with also the use of some of the soundsources from Spectrasonics.

Omnisphere 2.6 is required.

Singularity contains a large variety of electronic, ambient and also some experimental sounds. Growling basses, a large variety of ARP’s, twisted synths and experimental noisescapes, shimmering pads and textures. Inspired by Jon Hopkins, there is also collection of choir sounds, varying from experimental choirs till transforming sounds where a guitar, synth or piano transforms into a choir (via modwheel).

The soundset found its inspiration in the works of Jon Hopkins, Helios, Nils Frahm, Plaid and Telefon Tel Aviv

Update 21 March 2021: Singularity is now also available in Unify format. For more information about Unify, check out Pluginguru’s Unify page here:

Singularity review by Sample Library Review

“In conclusion, I found Singularity to be of extreme high quality and provide a lot of utility. Should you want to create mystery, ambient, cinematic or just downright experimental music, this soundset really does contain everything you’d need. Each patch has been expertly designed with the exceptional quality that we have come to expect from Triple Spiral Audio. For the working composer, these sounds would extend your musical palette and there is no other soundset quite like it in terms of diversity and range. When you add the included multis into the mix, you have enough here to keep you busy composing for months!”

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