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Sharp for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Experience a universe of unmatched sonic exploration with our latest masterpiece for Omnisphere

Sharp for Omnisphere 2 cover

Developer: String Audio

Experience a universe of unmatched sonic exploration with our latest masterpiece for Omnisphere 2 : SHARP. Unlock an extraordinary realm of possibilities for your music production and elevate your creative endeavors to new heights.

Immerse yourself in the captivating soundscape of SHARP, meticulously crafted with our exclusive samples. This exceptional library will revolutionize your music production, offering not only a breathtaking collection of "Patches and Multis," but also several gigabytes of fresh and invigorating Soundsources to seamlessly integrate into Omnisphere, providing you with the ultimate sound customization experience.

Building upon the monumental success of BLACK HOLE & WHITE HOLE, we are thrilled to introduce you to SHARP. This sonic force to be reckoned with features 1.3 gigabytes of original samples meticulously recorded and expertly produced for the STEAM engine. Each Patch and Multi has been skillfully programmed to harness the immense power and synthesis capabilities of the STEAM engine, providing you with a wide array of modulation options.

Prepare to transcend the boundaries of conventional sound with SHARP's extensive range. Delve into dark, deep pulses, hauntingly distorted drones, mesmerizing textures, and enchanting pads and keys. We've also included a selection of sublime subs to enrich your sonic palette.

Whether you're a modern film, game, or TV composer, SHARP is an indispensable asset that will take your musical and sound design projects to unprecedented levels. Unleash your creativity and explore the boundless possibilities that await you.

Content Description:

  • 1.3 GB of meticulously crafted STRING AUDIO Signature Samples

  • 186 awe-inspiring Soundsources

  • 193 meticulously designed Patches

  • 27 versatile Multis

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