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Planet Omnisphere Mk2 Vol.1

Developer: DaveK

This Collection includes a selection of lead sounds, evolving pads, strings, choirs and texture sounds programmed to provide space for your creativity.

In this Mk2 Library all sounds have been completely reprogrammed to not to be dependent on the Soundsources of the Trilian and Moog Tribute library expansions. This ensures full compatibility for Omnisphere 2 owners. Some parameters of each sound have also been modified. In this new version it is now possible to use a new and simpler method of sound installation.

**** This expansion requires version software 2.4.0.f or higher ****

Patches List:

1) Ambient Slow Strings

2) Analog Saw Lead

3) Atmospherical Voices

4) Big Slow Voices

5) Boosting Sublead

6) Cosmic Dreams

7) Dancing Little

8) Eternal Pad

9) Freak Coontinuus

10) Harmonia Ob-8

11) Harpiness

12) Jp-8 Vantage Ensemble

13) Juicy Lead

14) Liquid Air JD Lead

15) Mars Unison

16) Moog Saw Lead

17) Moog Square Lead

18) Phonic Slow Pad

19) Piggy’s Lead

20) Power Lead

21) Real String Section

22) Screaming Lead

23) Space Sweeper

24) Spacing Pad

25) Supernova Warm

26) Supreme Analog Pad

27) The Giant !!!

28) The Pigman Bass

29) Warm Brass Pad

30) Warm Brass Prophet

31) Whailing Modern Lead

32) Zombies Reincarnation

33) JR Lead (Bonus)

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