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Developer: Vintage Synth Pads

Although Origami contains 4 categories (130 presets), the sonic core comes from vocals.

The Categories are:

Atmospheres Vox Exotic Hits

All the categories contain lots of presets derived from Omnispheres wide variety of vocal sources. Lots of other sounds are also incorporated as part of the collection.

Origami for Omnisphere 2

Atmospheres Omnisphere 2 offers so many options. In Origami, we wanted to make very visual atmospheres. Many have vocals Incorporated, all offer extensive effects and controllers. As always, the mod wheel offers unique and interesting controls that vary by preset.

VOX Here is a broad range of presets all based on vocals. They range from clean, warm vocal pads to spooky, abstract, unusual vocal experiences. Every preset offers automation as well as powerful controllers.

Exotic These presets are based on chords that can be played with single notes. We made these play like a lap steel although most are not guitar based. The tones are warm and inviting. The result is a unique instrument that is very musical and lush.

Hits This category goes far beyond simple traditional hits. There is a wide range of percussion and sonically dramatic sounds in this collection. Many are drum based, some including rhythms, others vocals. All are designed to offer an element of production finesse to your music.

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