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Green Box

Developer: Vintage Synth Pads

"Green Box" is part of a new series of presets for Omnisphere. A truly unique soundset of 80+ presets for Omnisphere, unlike any other. Each preset includes expertly designed effects, with controllers unique to each patch. The Green Box also has complex mod wheel controls which allow for effect changes, modulation, tonal, and layered control of each patch live.

The Green Box is part of a series of presets for Omnisphere which includes "Red Box", "Blue Box", and "Green Box". Each "Box" is a unique part of the series bringing something special to the collection. The Green Box has some of the most authentic Acoustic and Electric Guitars. These guitars contain controllers that effect, tone, dynamics, FX, response and playability allowing for some extremely authentic guitars with little effort. Check out the demos....

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