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Developer: Triple Spiral Audio - Subsonic Artz

Interstellar is a soundset for Omnisphere 2 created by Subsonic Artz and available via Triple Spiral Audio

First of all, and as you sure might have guessed, INTERSTELLAR library intends to pay homage to Christopher NOLAN’s movie which was, according to me, really fantastic. Some of its central themes like Trust in each other, Faith in the future of humanity, Love accross Dimensions have to be really cherished…

Secondly, after the previous library called ‘GAIA’, it seemed to me that this tittle and the type of sounds and concepts that it provides would bring the whole thing to a cohesive ensemble.

Last but not least, as i’ve always been a fan of space science fiction films and also astrophysics and space exploration, Interstellar soundset was the perfect opportunity to develop a full palette of sonic space ambiences, SFX and deep drones, aliens sounds, robotic vocals, cinematic pulses, dreamy and spiritual textures, and ethereal angelic voices of the cosmos.


  • There are 154 patches in OMNISPHERE – INTERSTELLAR:

  • You’ll need the version 2.2.0g (or above) of Omnisphere 2 to be able to install the set and use it.

  • The library can work with mac OS X (10.7 or above) or windows (7 or above).

  • The library contains more than 400Mo of new high quality samples (48Hz – 24bits) from SubsonicArtz’s laboratory directly usable as new soundsources into to your Omnisphere 2.

  • THE PATCHES: 7 I&R (Impacts and Rythms) , 32 IFXN (Interstellar Special Fx and Noises) , 3 Keyboards, 28 Pads, 33 Pulses, 36 Textures, 15 vocals/voices pads.

  • The modwheel has an action on every patch for subtle or drastic changes on the sounds.

This thing rules by David Rosen:

So obviously if the goal was to capture the sound of the film “Interstellar” than I think this pack succeeds. There’s some great, beautiful sounds on here. It’s a little heavy on the textures, which can be great, but aren’t always the first thing I think to go for when looking for instruments to get a song going. Still, and especially in sci-fi film scores, I can see them being very useful in the future. I also really like the sense of hope a lot of these sounds seem to be built around…

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