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ESC PlugInGuru Tribute Library

Developer: PlugInGuru

This is a special collection created by 16 programmers (known as The European Sound Collective aka “ESC”). They programmed this library and GAVE it to me to release to everybody. They have watched, learned and been inspired by the YouTube videos I have released since 2009 and wanted to show their appreciation in a rather unique way! Consisting of 250 patches and 50 sound sources, this is a very inspiring library that has a unique sound and vibe to it compared to other libraries I have released. It’s special and I’m thrilled to have this as a library I can make available to all of you. ENJOY!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

GENRES: Patches for a multitude of genres are found here! These 16 programmers each have their own personalities and that shows pretty clearly in their patches!

About the Programmers: All of these programmers contributed patches for this library:

Burny Huber (Holland), Gareth Adonai (Germany), Tim Dale (Wales), Wolfgang Stindl aka Ikarus (Austria), Florian Gerger aka Clark Parker (Germany), Harald Geyer (Germany), Jan Bakker (Belgium), Henrik J. Larsen aka JX3D (Danmark), Darius Jambor aka Wizmos (Poland), Marcel Krapels aka Prikwol (Holland), Anton Anru (Russia), Stephan Baer(Zwitzerland), Marius Janssen (Germany), Henrik Johanson aka Henky, Airwave aka Laurent Veronnez, Adam Henderson aka Caxa.

I want to personally thank them all for their contributions to this library. You all did VERY good!

Library Specifics:

There is such a wide range of unique patches in this library. It really does stir the imagination. I wrote the 3 demo songs for this library in under 48 hours and loved every minute of writing with these sounds. There is a TON of BPM patches and a TON of playable patches and some very interesting effect and texture patches as well. Very easy to get lost playing with this library!

250 Omnisphere 2 Patches created by a international team of programmers that all belong in the European Sound Collective.

50 SoundSources – some are 100% original and some are from other PlugInGuru Sample libraries (Del Norte EDM / MegaMagic: Viola / MegaMagic: Pads to name just a few!)

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