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Northern Impakt V1 for Omnisphere 2 - Unify Enhanced

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Northern Impakt V1 for Omnisphere 2 is the second collection released with PlugInGuru. Now available from RMS for those that want to keep their purchase history in one location.

Purchase direct from RMS

Also available at PlugInGuru Northern Impakt V1 is a truly inspiring sound design + Hybrid Cinematic / Ambient / Soundtrack / Chill library! We took found samples that we recorded (streams, ice, my dog Athena talking and more!) and then creatively processed them to create truly unique sounds which were then used to make almost 300 new Patches! 14 Programmers from around the globe worked to create a pool of patches that will give your musical productions a massive cinematic impakt! Updated April 2021 – Now includes all 615 Patches in Unify format! Layering these together in Unify opens up totally new worlds of creative sound design!

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